Take a Fall, Revisited

After almost 4 years of not working on anything (not officially at least), LEV3L Games is back! And the new project is… Take a Fall! Except, it’s not new. I don’t think anyone knows, but back in 2012 I started creating a game (for learning purposes) that I called Take a Fall. It was a simple idea: in first person, avoid boxes falling from above, while not falling off the edge of the game area either. Over time, new gameplay elements were added, and the game was shaping up nicely (you can check out the last version in the downloads). However, life happened and I could never finish the game. Even though I went indie, I simply didn’t have time to work on it, next to the contract work I was doing and other obligations. Also, Unity 4.6 introduced the new UI system, and I would have needed to rewrite everything in it. So in 2014, development stopped. Fast forward 4 years, and I decided to become indie again, and what better way to restart LEV3L Games than with a project that was “almost” finished? But this time, I’m armed with a lot more¬†experience in using Unity and creating games! So stay tuned for news, updates, and demos about Take a Fall! Let the development begin!

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